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Learn how Klout measures today's social media marketing like the Dale Carnegie did with "How to Win Friends and Influence People" Tool for the social media age.

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Social Media Influence

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Important Facts You Will Learn

Why Klout is important

Klout is a brand building tool that helps you track your social media marketing

What social media account to connect to Kout

..and which ones are most important

The important of good content marketing

Your influence depends on whether or not people want to share your content

Why Hastags are important

..and why using them make people more likely to retweet and @reply

How to create engagement

Your goal is to facilitate as much activity that is natural and easy.

Why upping your Klout score is not the goal

Klout is a measurement tool.

Messages from readers

Penny Sansevieri

Penny Sansevieri

“Klout is here to stay and Susan's book proves it.”

Lori Wilk

Lori Wilk

“Susan Gilbert is right-on the money with this easy to learn from book about and Klout scores"

Bob Garrett

Bob Garrett

“Wow - a must read for anyone wanting to understand Klout, and more importantly Internet Marketing/Influence."

About the author


Susan Gilbert has been marketing online since the release of her first book, The Land of I Can. It was the first indy published book (and a gift book at that) which went to #1 on Amazon. That’s #1 overall, not in a category.

Private Life

Susan loves rural living, her miniature horses and five (5!) Yorkshire Terriers as much as she loves her work online.


She is inspired to help others to take chances and live their passions. When she plays any small part in that assisting someone else, she is motivated to keep on helping. It is music to her ears when someone says, “I’m so glad I found you!”.

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